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About US

SDS Ventures is a technology investment firm.
SDS Ventures

SDS Ventures is a technology investment firm focused on developing and growing sustainable ventures in and from China, with offices in Beijing and Tianjin.

We partner with technology entrepreneurs, institutional investors and Government organizations seeking to explore or build resource-efficient technology businesses in, from or related to China.

For companies and investors from Europe we deliver on-the-ground investment management services as well as strategic, advisory and execution services primarily to technology companies entering the Chinese market, often matching them to Chinese government and private sector stakeholders and investors.

For Chinese investors and companies that want to expand into Europe we select suitable local investment partners and customize the optimal local investment structure, taking into account favourable tax and legal infrastructure, logistic needs and protection of the investment.


Albert van Lawick van Pabst

Founder & Managing Director
Founded SDS in 2011, set up & co-founded 3 technology ventures in China. 7 years at Netherlands Foreign Ministry. Worked 4 years investment banking at UBS Warburg & Fortis Mees Pierson (FSA). Graduated from Eindhoven Utrecht University, Upenn Lawschool (LL.M.), Corporate & Energy Law. Fulbright scholar. Dual executive MBA-degree at Tsinghua & INSEAD.

Cor Saris

Joined SDS in 2014. 28 years of senior managerial experience in consumer electronics & automotive industries in Philips Electronics across countries. At SDS Cor operates as partner out of the European office with focus on the European side of cross border business ventures. Graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology with an MSc degree in Chemistry.

Jessie Liu Ph.D

Business Development Manager
Joined SDS Ventures in 2015. 16 years of experience in resource efficient technology development in China. Experience includes leading technical design processes, implementation of market entry,managing cross-border M&A transactions & carrying out market research.

Christoper Liu

Managing Director Separation Technologies
Prior to joining SDS Ventures, Chris completed internships at Wilmar International, Bank of Gansu and The Agricultural Bank of China. His experience includes operations management, technology assessment, working capital management and in structuring cross-border and local JV investment.

Sunshine Li

HR & Office Manager
Joined SDS Ventures in early 2015. More than 10 years of work experience in Administration areas, particularly in the field of Joint Ventures and Wholly-Owned Foreign Entity companies. Li is in charge of office and human resources management, as well as other relevant projects within SDS Ventures.

Wilma Wang

Operations Manager
over twenty years’ working experience in accounting and senior finance management, especially in manufacturing business. Strong knowledge of financing, investment, HR, tax planning and project management. Master degree in accounting from State Finance and Economic University.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

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