November 07th, 2014 SDS Ventures Signs Agreement with EUROSIDER SaS on Innovative Spray Coating Technology

On November 07th, 2014 in Grosseto Italy, Eurosider SaS Founder/Director Ottavio Milli and SDS Ventures partner Cor Saris signed a comprehensive agreement contract for the establishment, funding and build-up of Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology Company Limited in China.

Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology Company Limited is licensed by Eurosider SaS exclusively to employ Eurosider’s IP-protected Nitrotherm® technology for the Chinese and Vietnamese markets. Eurosider’s proven applications can achieve quantifiable efficiencies in material use and productivity as well as environmental savings. As such, it can offer clients better, faster, cheaper and more sustainable paint spray application. An important advantage is that the technology can be implemented on existing production lines, minimizing investment cost and down-time.

Initially, customers will be targeted with coating applications in the transport & mobility, consumer electronics and furnishing markets. In the following months, the company will be further developed and equipped with state-of-the-art coating equipment. The local team will be expanded with technical and sales staff.

The mission of both parties is to build the leading provider of high quality finishing, cost efficient and eco-friendly spray coating technology in China. Nitrotherm® technology has revolutionized spray painting with an innovative method using nitrogen that offers high quality finishing and real saving in costs. Eurosider SaS has 40 years of experience, with a global reputation in the field of non-cryogenic industrial gas.

Ottavio Milli: “I am excited about the prospect of Eurosider’s technology being marketed in China on a large scale. Already our organization is working closely with the Chinese team to develop local technical support capabilities to support Chinese customers.”   “We are delighted by jointly achieving this milestone” says Albert van Pabst, Founder and Managing director of SDS Ventures. “The Asia-Pacific region is the world’s largest paint and coating market, claiming approx. 42% of global demand in 2012. Within Asia, China accounts for more than half of this consumption and is projected to grow at a high and stable rate. As a result, industries consuming large quantities of paint & coating – such as automotive suppliers – will seek to use applications that optimize the consumption of resources.”

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