2018年2月15日,Nitrotherm® 技术对提高喷涂工艺控制的应用

Executive summary Nitrotherm replaces air by Conditioned Nitrogen as paint-carrier Physical properties of Conditioned Nitrogen can result in paint-savings, quality improvements and productivity improvements Applications occur in automotive, consumer electronics, furniture Underrated aspect of Nitrotherm technology is improved process control. Spray-painting systems basically consist of 3 elements: gun, paint and carrier medium. Over the past Read more about 2018年2月15日,Nitrotherm® 技术对提高喷涂工艺控制的应用[…]

2015 年10月26日,尊敬的荷兰国王威廉.亚历山大访问森诺达公司

During the official State Visit to China, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands visited SDS Ventures. The King engaged the teams of Eurosider, Nanocal and Wuvio on environmental & economic impacts of their technology. SDS Partner Cor Saris introducing advanced dry tailgas technology to His Majesty King Willem-Alexander Jerry Fang, an experienced lawyer admitted Read more about 2015 年10月26日,尊敬的荷兰国王威廉.亚历山大访问森诺达公司[…]


Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology has finalized an order with listed company JiangNan Molding Group to supply its paint-saving and quality enhancing equipment to the company’s subsidiary Jiangyin Minghong Automotive Roof Systems Co,.Ltd. The agreement was signed after extensively testing and proving the Eurosiders technology. Eurosiders plug and play technology further reduces the environmental footprint of Read more about 2015年7月20日,优赛德(天津)喷涂技术有限公司拿到知名汽车设备供应商的订单[…]

2014年11月07日,森诺达(北京)国际咨询有限公司与EUROSIDER SAS签署了合作协议

On November 07th, 2014 in Grosseto Italy, Eurosider SaS Founder/Director Ottavio Milli and SDS Ventures partner Cor Saris signed a comprehensive agreement contract for the establishment, funding and build-up of Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology Company Limited in China. Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology Company Limited is licensed by Eurosider SaS exclusively to employ Eurosider’s IP-protected Nitrotherm® Read more about 2014年11月07日,森诺达(北京)国际咨询有限公司与EUROSIDER SAS签署了合作协议[…]

2014年5月27日,SDS Ventures Co., Ltd. (森诺达(北京)国际咨询有限公司) 与中国矿业国际工程设计研究院签署合作协议

On the 27th of May, SDS Ventures signed an agreement with China Mining Institute, regarding the implementation of resource efficient and environmental technologies in Chinese mining projects. China Mining Institute is the leading Chinese institution in the area of engineering design of mining projects in areas such as coal, iron ore and limestone. The agreement Read more about 2014年5月27日,SDS Ventures Co., Ltd. (森诺达(北京)国际咨询有限公司) 与中国矿业国际工程设计研究院签署合作协议[…]


Clean technology – Silver lining to China’s smog Zoe Alsop, Special to, Wednesday, 9 Apr 2014 | 6:42 PM ET ChinaFotoPress | ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images Beijing’s “war on pollution” has sparked renewed interest in clean technology, with many start ups vying for a piece of the $800 billion pie. When they launched their Read more about 2014年4月9日有关屋维奥和森诺达(北京)国际咨询有限公司在美国一家媒体的报道[…]


On 15 November 2013 SDS Ventures organized a seminar in Beijing on the Chinese coal sector at the Dutch Embassy. The event focused on sustainable solutions and technologies for China’s massive coal sector. The seminar concluded a research project commissioned by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs. The seminar was attended by more than 50 Read more about 2013年11月15日,森诺达(北京)国际咨询有限公司在北京荷兰驻华大使馆组织举办的中国煤炭行业的研讨会[…]

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